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The Aspen of Brookhaven Case Study

Business Challenge Story

As the premier assisted living facility in Brookhaven, Mississippi, the reputation of The Aspen was on the line every time the phone rang.

That became a growing concern after the facility converted from a legacy phone system to a VoIP system — their caller experience was “a mess.”

The problem? Calls were getting bounced around too much, especially after normal business hours when a large percentage of inquiries tend to ring in.

“The IVR system would send calls to the administrator’s office and if she wasn’t there, the calls would bounce over to the nurses’ station,” says Timothy Jackson, Vice President of Customer Experience at On Hold Company. “If the nurses were busy, the calls would bounce to other departments. Callers were getting frustrated and hanging up.”

According to Julie Dickerson, Executive Director of The Aspen, the majority of calls received at The Aspen are inquiries about the facility, physicians calling in reference to medical appointments, or calls from family members.

“Every call is important to our business and critical to our customer experience,” she said.

Efficient call flow design and well-crafted audio greetings are critical for marketing and resident care in an assisted living facility. Dickerson and the corporate marketing director, Carrie Kelly, realized this but needed help to make it a part of their new VoIP system.


When they contacted On Hold Company and explained their situation, the On Hold team dove deep to identify the volume and type of calls received — and the kind of menu options and voice greetings The Aspen truly needed.

“Throughout our consultation, we worked with Julie and Carrie to improve their call flow, operational efficiency and caller experience,” said Jackson.

The plan included strategies to:

  • Ensure incoming calls are routed to the appropriate staff member or department during and after business hours
  • Reduce misrouted calls, abandoned calls, and unnecessary ‘bouncing’ between departments
  • Help callers reach their desired party quickly — without delay or frustration
  • Brand every aspect of the caller journey, in keeping with the The Aspen’s culture of excellence
The On Hold team designed an improved call flow script for The Aspen, including their main automated menu, after-hours greetings, departmental voicemail messages, branded on-hold messages, and special messages featuring The Aspen’s amenities and resident services.

Once the IVR design and scripting was approved, the appropriate voice was selected for The Aspen’s audio image.

“It was important to select the right voice and vocal inflection.  Even the perceived age of the voice was a factor” says Jackson. “Thanks to our extensive roster of professional voice artists, we found the perfect voice and produced the new IVR audio in short order.   The audio files were approved and sent to be uploaded onto The Aspen’s system.”

According to Jackson, when he and his team are working with a client, the most important skill they can employ is to listen well.

“As we listen to a client’s problems, we gain insight into their challenges” he said. “Then we go to work solving those problems and making their telephone system work for them – rather than against them.”


call handling for after-hours inquiries from prospects and family members

the high number of missed or abandoned calls

the professional image by applying their Brand to the caller experience and featuring key amenities in the IVR

Solution components

  • Consultation & evaluation of IVR call flow, including volume and type of calls received
  • Redesign of menu options and overall call flow to ensure callers reach the right person or department — regardless of time of day
  • Creation of new IVR audio greetings — with targeted messaging for prospective residents and family members
  • Professional voice (carefully identifying the right gender, tone and vocal inflection), combined with brand-centered music
  • Coordination with VoIP provider to implement the new IVR audio

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