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May 30, 2017
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June 22, 2017
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How On Hold Messages Benefit Small Businesses

On Hold Company salutes small businesses. We help businesses of all sizes stand out with creative and effective on-hold marketing.

It’s Small Business Week and On Hold Company celebrates with the small businesses around the country that make their own unique marks on their cities, their states, this country and even the world. It’s been said that small businesses are the backbone of the American economy.

In fact, according to www.entrepreneur.com, small businesses represent more than 99% of all employers and provide 60%-80% of new net jobs annually.


We appreciate the challenges small business owners face every day. The competition in today’s business climate is fierce. Big-box stores and national name brands shout for customers’ attention with seemingly limitless resources. Small businesses, meanwhile, seem to always be scrambling to catch up. Indeed, many of today’s innovators are small business owners applying their moxie and their creativity in order to steal away some of that attention.

Some of the most successful ones have learned how to use on hold messages to reach out to their customers with creative and relevant information and calls to action. What drives most small business owners is the passion for what they do. Whether it’s custom-tailored suits or chocolate-covered confections, small business owners believe that their personalized approach and attention to detail turn doing business into building relationships. Their not-so-secret weapons are excellent customer service and word-of-mouth marketing. And of course their creative use of on hold messages to promote their special market niche to their corner of the world.

We get that passion. We share that passion. We are proud to help many small businesses enhance their marketing endeavors with on hold messages. From dentists to dog groomers to delis, we love working with our small business clients to create custom on hold messages that showcase the personalities of each business.

If your small business doesn’t have on-hold messaging in its arsenal, let us share our passion with you today!

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