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Creating On Hold Messages that Work

guy-on-phoneKey Thought: The secret to creating an on hold marketing message that works is to communicate information to the callers that is relevant to their call.

If you’re the average American business, you spend 95% of your advertising budget trying to get potential customers to call you. So if they’re calling, congratulations…you’re making that money work! But what happens when they call and they’re placed on hold, as over half your calls will be? Now you’ve got to keep them on the line.

An effective on hold marketing message will do the trick. The secret to creating an on hold marketing message that works isn’t really a secret: tell the callers what they want to hear. Statistics tell us that 84% of callers prefer to hear information relevant to their call. The most effective on hold marketing messages, like any other form of advertising, contain worthwhile information presented in an entertaining fashion and are designed to build your brand.

Your callers want to know that they haven’t been forgotten, or “lost” on hold. They also want to be reminded of why they’re calling: because you are the best choice for their business. Meanwhile, they want to be distracted with music, humor, or compelling copy. If you’ve created an on hold marketing message that incorporates these ideas, your caller is more likely to remain on the line and you’re more likely to retain their business.

The professional consultants and copywriters at On Hold Company can help you develop the ultimate on hold solution for your business. We know the secret…and now you do too!

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