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January 9, 2017
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January 16, 2017
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On Hold Marketing Helps Extends Your Reach

On hold marketing can help your company extend its reach to new prospects and current customers alike. (iStockphoto)

Whether the goal is dunking a basketball or growing a business, we all could use a little extra reach sometimes.

Maybe you are trying to reach out to new clients or customers. Or maybe you are trying to expand the products and services you offer your existing customers. Chances are you are always trying to do a little bit of both. That can leave you feeling stretched too thin without hitting any of your targets.On Hold Company is here to give you the extra reach you need to achieve your goals with strategic on-hold messages for your business.

Your telephone is one of the most powerful marketing tools you have for your brand. In fact, studies show that, on average, a company spends about 96 percent of its marketing budget to get the phone to ring. When it does ring, you have a prime opportunity to market directly to your hottest prospect at that very moment.

Prospects calling you for the first time have lots of questions. One of the biggest questions they will never ask you is “Is this a company I want to do business with?” If you cannot take a prospect’s call right away, your on-hold message will answer that unasked question for you.

Regular customers who call have different needs. One of those needs is the reassurance that they made the right choice in doing business with you. An on hold marketing message that answers frequently asks questions and informs callers of your latest promotions and product offerings will keep them from looking elsewhere. Also, updating the message frequently will keep you from sounding stale to them.

So what does a strategic on hold marketing message sound like? It paints a complete audio image of your brand. It blends your company’s slogans, products and services, latest news, and current promotions in a way that’s always fresh and familiar at the same time. Then it adds depth and character to the message with the perfect voice talent and background music to showcase your personality.

Whether you have one location or hundreds, On Hold Company can help you extend your reach. Pass us your on hold marketing, and you can count on a slam-dunk every time.

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