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April 24, 2017
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On Hold Marketing is a Marathon, not a Sprint

A successful on hold marketing campaign is a long-term commitment, much like running a marathon.Here’s why.

A successful on-hold marketing campaign is a long-term commitment, much like running a marathon.

I recently completed a marathon. But race day was only the final 26.2 miles of a very long road to accomplishing my goal. The real work was done in the hours and miles of training over the course of 18 weeks leading up to the big event.

As I reflect on the entire experience, it occurs to me that the keys to successful marathon training are similar to the keys to a successful on hold marketing campaign for your business. Be dedicated to the goal. During my training, I ran four days a week. I ran in the heat. I ran in the rain. I ran early in the morning and I ran late at night. Skipping a run wasn’t an option. Consistency is the key to building the endurance necessary to run that far. Likewise, on hold marketing is a long-term solution that takes dedication and commitment.

Be varied in the approach. If I had to do all of my training running on a track, I never would have made it. Lap after lap of the same thing would have robbed me of my dedication. I knew I had to put in the miles, but I didn’t have to do it the same way every time. Some days I ran short distances and worked on my speed. Some days I ran up and down hills. Some days I ran for miles down country roads. Shaking up the routine kept boredom at bay. If you aren’t planning updates to your on-hold messages, they are becoming boring to your callers.

Have a good support team in place. On those Saturday mornings when I was running 14, 16, 18 and 20 miles, I could not have made it without my “road crew.” My wife and son would load up the car with extra Gatorade, water, bananas and energy bars. But that extra fuel wasn’t what got me through. It was their cheers and the messages they wrote with sidewalk chalk along my route. Also, the local running community was a great source of support and encouragement. I learned a lot from more experience runners that kept me going along the way.

In the same way, your business needs a good support team to keep its on hold markketing on track. On Hold Company helps companies of all sizes with winning strategy, creativity and support. Let us help you start down the road to achieving your on-hold marketing goals today.

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