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On Hold Messages Enhance Great Customer Service

Strategic on-hold messages provide great customer care even when you have to place callers on hold.

Not many business people would argue with this statement from The Guardian:

“Customers are the most important asset to your business and looking after them is essential to your success.”

The article goes on to explain that communication is critical to success in customer relationships. Again, you won’t get any arguments from us there. But we do take issue with this statement:

“With the variety of communication channels available, ranging from Skype to social media, there is no excuse to not be regularly talking with your customers.”

It’s not a foolish statement, just a myopic one. If a business focuses exclusively on social media and other high-tech options, then it is missing out on one of the most tried and true methods of communicating directly to customers: the telephone.

There is no doubt that online, social and mobile technologies have changed the way business is run. But studies show that most customers still prefer to call before doing business with you. So, the question becomes, is your telephone a help or a hindrance to your customer relations?

You have trained your staff on proper business telephone etiquette, and you have instilled in them your customer service values. But there will be times when you have to put callers on hold. You can rest assured that great customer service will continue with strategic on-hold marketing messages.

On-hold messages are an excellent extension of your brand. Effective on hold messages set you apart from your competition, promote your greatest products and services, and even proactively answer customers’ most common questions. Those creative messages are blended with the perfect voice and background music to keep callers engaged and give them the truest image of your brand.

If you aren’t using on hold messages to make the most of this opportunity to care for your most important asset – ‘your customers’ – let us help you get started today.

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