Here's how it works...


1. Tell Us About Your Company

In order to create a customized message for your company, we’ll need some information from you. The more information you give us, the better we’ll be able to deliver a customized demo that matches your brand.

We’ll use this information to create your customized script so don’t be modest … it’s your time to shine!


2. You’ve Got Mail

Within 24 business hours of receiving your request, we'll follow up via email or phone, review your information, and if necessary, ask a few follow-up questions so that we can produce the best demo possible.

Helpful tip: So that we can provide you with the best service possible, please provide the most direct phone number and email contact information you have.

3. Our Script Muses Go to Work

As soon as we have the information we need to create your script, our writers will get to work. With thousands of on hold marketing scripts under their belts, our writers will put words into action to craft your on hold messages that inform, entertain, educate and sell.

Interested in seeing scripts that our writers have created for industries like yours? We'll be happy to provide examples during the demo process.

4. Set the Mood

Audition The Voice

Finding the perfect voice to match your brand can be a challenge. We offer some of the best voice talent in the nation. Our voice actors take time to get to know your business, and then communicate your message with a voice performance that best represents your brand.

Listen to some of our voice talent at work here and you’ll see what we mean.

Strike Up The Band

Music sets the atmosphere for your message. No doubt, you know your customer demographics and what kind of music they prefer. Whether it’s easy listening, contemporary, pop/rock or country, we can help you find the perfect music to match the perfect message.

See how our producers have matched message with music.

Take a listen to some music samples here.

Cue The Message

Here’s the fun part: listening to your customized message! Cue music, voice and script and hear how it all comes together. Within 72 business hours after you’ve hit ‘send’ on your company profile, we’ll send you an email link that enables you to hear your free demo.

But that’s just the start. Once you become a client, we can make any changes you want - from music to voice to message - and have your project turned around and ready to deploy within days.