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Is Your On Hold Messaging Campaign Invisible?

Unless you pick up the phone and call your company, how do you really know what’s being played for your customers while they are on hold?

This message was brought home to me recently while dealing with a company with 200 locations. They were working with a different on hold messaging service and told me, “We tell them that we want a message played during specific hours at certain locations, but we don’t know if it’s actually getting done unless we call.”

And no marketing manager has time to call 200 locations to ensure their instructions are being followed.

We use the term “invisible” to describe the inability to know what message is being played on hold at any given time and at any specific location. And invisibility can be a real problem. For example, many of our customers want a specific message, music and voiceover playing on hold during the holiday season. But no one wants Christmas music playing January 2. However, invisibility can allow that to happen.

  • Invisibility can create opportunity loss. You assume that you’re promoting a program across all of your marketing platforms, but because your system is invisible, you can’t be sure that’s happening. And if it’s not happening, you can lose the opportunity to re-enforce your promotion because it isn’t synchronized with your on hold messaging system.
  • Invisibility can also affect brand consistency. Your customers in Cincinnati may hear one thing while customers in Dallas hear something else.
  • Finally, invisibility can empower the rogue marketer in a distant location to change the message himself, leading to a breakdown in a cohesive marketing campaign.

At On Hold Company we understand the necessity of our customers knowing what is happening with their on hold messaging 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

We provide a solution that makes everything visible.

We offer customers an online account portal complete with login and password. This enables marketing managers to see every detail of every message in every location of their company.

Customers can view scripts word for word. They can listen to the message. They can look at the message schedules. And they don’t have to be at the office to do it. They can do this on their Ipad at the airport or on their laptop at home. It’s accessible to them all the time.

This system also allows customers to plan ahead by listening to music and voice samples. In on hold messaging, it’s important to keep messages fresh and current. With our system, you can listen to audio clips of American, British and Spanish voices as well as a wide variety of music including jazz, corporate, hip hop, classical, and country.

Our system also gives customers the ability to look at their archives of past messages, enabling them to review what they used the previous year. No more searching for that tape of last year’s messages or reinventing the wheel. We keep it online and accessible for you.

At On Hold Company, you don’t have to wonder what is happening with your on hold messaging. We provide you with a system where you can be 100% certain that your message is being heard when and where you want it to be.

If you’d like to know more about how On Hold Company can serve your marketing needs, call Timothy Jackson at: 1-318-686-9030, extension 150.

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