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October 17, 2016
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Just Any On Hold Messaging Won’t Do

Few countries enjoy a reputation of producing popular comedy television shows than that of Great Britain. The producers, writers and actors of these shows have learned that it’s vital to their success to break out of formulaic models and try new things. The same can be said for your on hold messaging .

Paying close attention to your script, the voice talent and the background music will elevate your on-hold message from good to great.

Paying close attention to your script, the voice talent and the background music will elevate your on-hold message from good to great.

Great Britain. It’s in the name. It’s not OK Britain, or So-So Britain. One of the great things we have is comedy. A dry, ironic humor, loaded with sarcasm. British sketch comedy shows have launched the likes of Rowan Atkinson (Mr. Bean), Julie Walters (Harry Potter Series), and Hugh Laurie (House) to stardom.

Recently, the biggest show in the genre tried to distance itself from the style of the past. The producer spent months poring over scripts, placing them in three piles: one for those that were not funny, one for the funny ones, and one pile that needed tweaking. The pile was marked “A.O.S.S.” or Any Other Sketch Show.

She felt that by trying to be different and more creative, they would have a winning formula on their hands, but if they stuck to the formulas of the old shows, the public would become bored with the show very quickly.

The same principle rings true for on-hold messaging. Not just any on-hold messaging will do. Having the CORRECT on-hold messaging is important to your brand. If you are looking to update, you should take in to account several ideas.

Your on hold messaging script should be informative AND entertaining. There’s no point in just listing some facts, but at the same time, there is also no point having a talented voice artist speak a bunch of nonsense just because it sounds cool. Convey your information in a way that will keep the caller interested, informed, and most importantly, on the line.

The right voice can be the difference between a happy and an offended customer. If you are an assisted living facility, having a direct voice on your hold message may not be a good idea, as that might not comfort an upset family member. However, if you are a high-energy gym, you do not need a low-key voice with no oomph behind it. Your callers have an expectation, and your marketing needs to match that expectation.

You have a great script, a voice that matches your demographics, and the music is,¬†well, at least you have music. A bad music selection will undo the good work that a great script and voice bring to the table. Like the voice, the music is tied into the type of business you are in, but more than that, the type of client you attract. You’re a nursing home? Play something that would also make a family member feel at ease with why they are calling in the first place.

Update Regularly
On hold messaging is creative advertising. What was a creative ad three months ago is no longer creative. Information gets old, dated, false, or even illegal to say anymore. It makes sense to change your on-hold message once in a while, even if it’s a simple music change. You would not believe how many people will think your message fresh if you change just the background music.

So the question is, do you want to be Great, or do you want AOOHM, Any Other On Hold Message?

Originally from Wales, John Connolly is a production engineer for On Hold Company.

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