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October 5, 2016
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October 12, 2016
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Keep On Hold Messages Fresh with New Content

At On Hold Company, we know delivering fresh on hold messages is key to marketing success.

Keep on-hold message fresh with new content

The bishop on the chess board is known in some languages as the “messenger.” At On Hold Company, we know delivering fresh on hold messages is key to marketing success.

This is part of a series on crafting a winning on-hold marketing strategy. At On Hold Company, we have reason to be particularly fond of the Bishop on the chess board. Throughout history, the piece has had lots of names, but many of them translate into “messenger.” And we love a good messenger around here.

Our culture is in a constant state of flux where the prevailing mindset is “old is bad” and “new is good.” Consequently, companies that stay on the cutting-edge are constantly repackaging themselves. Those that don’t fall behind. In fact, no successful business launches a once-for-all-of-time image or marketing campaign.

You see it in television advertising all the time. The travel website recently killed off William Shatner’s “Priceline Negotiator” character, opening the door to go an entirely new direction with its ads.

Allstate had a great thing going with spokesman Dennis Haysbert and the “Our Stand” campaign. Then along came Mayhem, and now the company has two great ad platforms to stand on.

The same principle holds true for on-hold messages. Regularly rotating your advertising content is imperative. Your marketing announcements must stay fresh and relevant in order to be effective. In other words, even non-dated on-hold messages have a shelf life. And there’s a word for stale on-hold messaging… Stalemate.

There are unlimited opportunities to connect with callers in fresh ways, but you need to think broadly of your message. What are the trends in your industry and how are you positioned to meet those challenges? Are you bringing new products or services to market? Have you won an industry award or a new accreditation? Does your business have seasonal tips or advice to offer callers throughout the year? Are your on-hold messages “scrolling” as effectively and frequently as the banners on your website?

Like a Bishop on the battlefield, On Hold Company can design creative content that becomes your “messenger,” getting your message across effectively in a changing business environment. Sometimes, the most profound strategy is found in something simple. Make sure your on hold “messenger” is at the top of its game.

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