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December 7, 2016
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December 21, 2016
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On Hold Company Embraces Leadership as a Choice

Life and leadership are about the choices we make. That was the theme of the 2012 Chick-fil-A Leadercast that the On Hold company team attended earlier this month.

The presenters spoke about the significance of personal choices and their inevitable impact on an organization. Leadership guru John Maxwell presented three insights from his upcoming book “The 15 Laws of Personal Growth.” The Law of Intentionality states that growth doesn’t just happen; you must grow on purpose. The Law of Awareness is that we “must know ourselves to grow ourselves.” And the Law of Environment says that growth thrives in conducive environments.Author Marcus Buckingham discussed “Leadership Development in the Age of the Algorithm.”

Leadership strengths must be discovered individually and personally. “There is no perfect leadership profile,” he said, “only perfect practices that fit your profile.”

Andy Stanley discussed the culture of leadership at the 2012 Chick-fil-A Leadercast.

Andy Stanley kicked off the 2012 Chick-fil-A Leadercast with three challenging questions for leaders navigating change.

But what really captured our attention at On Hold Company was a couple of speakers’ thoughts on leadership and an organization’s culture.

Angela Ahrendts, Chief Executive Officer at Burberry: How do you turn a British luxury clothing line into one of the hottest brands worldwide? By changing the company culture, Ahrendts said. As a leader, you have “no greater responsibility than to build the greatest culture you can,” she said. The core of On Hold Company’s culture is dynamic creativity that gets your on-hold messages noticed and remembered.

Andy Stanley, best-selling leadership author and communicator: In his book “Next Generation Leader,” Stanley states that “the goal of leadership is not to eradicate uncertainty, but rather to navigate it.” He challenged listeners to ask themselves three questions in plotting the course through uncertain times.

First, “What would my replacement do?” That brings objectivity to your decision making, Stanley said.

Second, “What would a great leader do?” He quoted Chick-fil-A founder and chairman Truett Cathy, who once told his board of directors that “if we get better, customers will demand we get bigger.” That’s a challenge we embrace at On Hold Company. We work relentlessly to create scalable on-hold message solutions that meet the growing needs of our clients.

Third, “What story do I want to tell?” Every decision you make becomes part of the story you tell, he said, so don’t make a decision that makes you a liar for life.

All great lessons that inspire us both individually and collectively at On Hold Company. What’s the biggest leadership lesson you have learned that motivates you?

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