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June 2, 2017
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On Hold Marketing Doesn’t Take a Vacation

Summertime can be the perfect time to update your on-hold messages.

Summer’s in full swing. The days are getting longer. Our attentions are turning to warm sandy beaches or cool mountain campgrounds. It can be tempting at this time of year to put business – including your on hold marketing – on auto-pilot and cruise for a little while.

But there are sharks lurking in those relaxing summer waters. They are your competitors, and they are eager to attack any sign that you have let your guard down.In fact, if you feel like business is slowing down for the summer and it’s time to kick back, let me challenge that notion. Summer is the perfect time to turn your attention to all those things that have lingered on your to-do list for far too long.

On hold marketing could be one of those things. If you have been waiting for the perfect time to get started with it, that time is now. On hold marketing is a great way to enhance your brand. It’s a proven method for keeping callers engaged, and many companies say their on-hold messages contribute directly to the bottom line.

Or maybe you already have on-hold markting g that’s been on auto-pilot for too long. We can sharpen its edge by marrying your on-hold messages to all of your other marketing initiatives. Who doesn’t love a summer wedding?

There are simple things you can do to freshen up your on hold messaging as well. Simply changing the music or the voice talent can make a familiar message sound brand new.

So instead of setting cruise control for the summer, take a short break, pour yourself an ice-cold glass of tea, and contact us today. We’ll make sure you keep your competitive edge, and hold those sharks at bay.

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