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November 9, 2016
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With On-Hold Messaging, Never “Set It and Forget It” : Change Your Message and Change Your Results

At On Hold Company, we take pride in offering a full menu of on-hold marketing solutions including on hold messaging. We have a winning recipe that covers it all, from installing the equipment to updating messages remotely. But there is one ingredient that will send your on-hold marketing over the top, and that’s you.

Don’t look at your on-hold message like a Ronco Rotisserie and “just set it and forget it.” You need to check on it from time to time to make sure the meat of your message hasn’t dried out and gotten tough.

A few simple updates throughout the year will keep your message fresh for callers. But many on-hold marketing clients don’t take advantage of the opportunity. A recent survey by the On Hold Messaging Association showed that 36 percent of clients update their messages no more than once a year, and only 12 percent update 6 times a year or more. But those clients who do update frequently report the following benefits:

  • They said it has been directly responsible for sales
  • They describe it as a useful marketing tool
  • They perceive a greater impact from on-hold messaging
  • They use on-hold messaging in a broader variety of ways

Changing the content isn’t the only way to freshen up a message, either. Updating the background music or changing the voice talent can infuse new life into your on-hold advertising.

As you review your marketing menu throughout the year, remember that on-hold messaging adds real flavor. We can help you keep your messaging fresh, without adding more to your plate. As your needs change, just let us know. We’re always cooking up something fresh and tasty for our clients. And we deliver, too.

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