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December 28, 2016
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January 3, 2017
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An On Hold Company Client Calls Us On Hold Rockstars

Ask any musician about the secret to “overnight success” and he will tell you that it comes only after years of practice and dedication to his craft. It also takes time to build personal connections with fans who will carry you to the top of the charts. That’s the kind of commitment we make at On Hold Company.

While we would never call ourselves “Rockstars,” we were unexpectedly given that title by Ken Chin, one of our clients in Chicago. Here’s what he had to say: “Dear On Hold Company Rockstars, THANK YOU!! I am amazed at how quickly we turned this all around. YOU ALL ROCK! The new message sounds great and your level of service has been impeccable! THANK YOU! Ken Chin Practice Manager & Marketing Director The Running Institute”

We are flattered by that response. And it means more than we can say, especially in light of the details. Here’s a backstage pass to the rest of the story:

Ken contacted us while searching for a new on-hold provider for The Running Institute. He was considering several options and had a specific timeline in mind for moving in a new direction. After initially discussing his needs, we actually referred him to another provider since he was rarely updating the marketing content of his on-hold messages. We tried to help him find exactly what he wanted, rather than “sell” him on something outside his agenda.

We thought that would be it. But Ken called us back after visiting the website of the other provider. It wasn’t what he was looking for. After talking further about long-term on-hold strategies, resources and ad concepts that would help promote their social media connections and website, Ken asked us for a free Demo. Apparently, it went well.

Then, we worked to tailor a marketing plan that was in line with his goals and budget. Finally, we made sure that everything was up and running inside of the time frame Ken gave us. And that’s when we received his Rockstar note. The key, according to Ken, was how promptly our team responded to his questions and needs. These Rolling Stones gather no moss.

“It all happened really quickly, and exactly the way I wanted it to,” he said. “I really appreciated that sense of urgency. I like the way it was handled.”

Our personal touch at On Hold Company also struck a chord with him. “There’s something to be said about a hand-written card,” Ken said. “I really appreciated Timothy sending that. It’s the little things that really matter.”

If you are looking for a new sound, give On Hold Company an audition. We’re ready to rock your on-hold messages… and all the behind-the-scenes details.

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