Our custom designed Professional Voicemail Greeting / IVR will transform your caller's experience.

When customers call your business… how does it sound?

Main Voicemail Greetings

Too often, companies put very little thought into their voicemail message, resulting in a frustrating experience from the very beginning of the caller journey. In contrast, our design team will help you develop a professional voicemail greeting that achieves the goal of “call flow simplicity” while creatively reinforcing your brand.

Here’s a sample of what you hear when you call us...

Department Specific Messages

Routing callers to various departments while using targeted, professional, content-rich queue messages will deepen your caller experience. Fact: callers will wait on the line up to 3x’s longer if they hear something relevant to the nature of their call.

For example, when a customer calls our company needing technical support, here’s what they’ll hear when connecting to our team...

Music On Hold with Messages

No one wants to use the hold button… but it’s inevitable. We provide an incredible variety of custom blended music options and crafted messages which convey your brand image while delivering the content that keeps callers on the line.

For example, if we put you on hold you may hear this…

After Hours Messages

How many calls do you receive after normal business hours? What do those callers hear on your business voicemail greetings? Surprisingly, most businesses haven’t planned to make the most of those opportunities. So, callers typically hear the sound of a phone ringing endlessly -- or a blunt message that merely states the obvious (“Our offices are closed.”)

Innovative companies take a different approach… by designing a voicemail message that invites a caller to connect after hours in multiple ways (via the company website, social media, or recorded FAQ’s), as well as pointing them to the next business day. Plus, incorporating your brand persona into the after-hours message transforms the experience -- rather than leaving the caller at a dead end.

For example, if you call our offices after hours, you’ll hear this…

You may also need Holiday, Emergency and Weather related messages too!

Employee Voicemail Greetings

We’ve all called companies and heard voicemail messages that were poorly written, poorly recorded and just plain bad. Our team will work with your entire staff to record and produce a professional voicemail greeting that portrays a high level of expertise with a focus on caller engagement. Furthermore, every touch-point will resonate your brand image.

If you need production help and reach our Production Manager 'Jerri’s' voicemail, you’ll hear…

P.s. We can do this for all your employee cell phone greetings too.