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Smash Park Case Study

Business Challenge Story

As a brand new, multifaceted entertainment venue — with enthusiastic customers and sustained growth, Smash Park’s phone was ringing off the walls.

And for good reason.  Smash Park offers a variety of entertainment options, combined in a unique combination that appeals to all ages.  Located in West Des Moines, Iowa, Smash Park features a fun summer vibe all year long, with a social entertainment, yard games, cold drinks, great food and… pickleball.  Their motto? Find Your Happy Place.

And find it they have.

Boasting a really fun atmosphere and strong patronage, Smash Park is running a smashingly successful business.  And that means a high volume of phone calls pour in daily.

The problem? They were live answering every single call — which was overloading their staff.  And most callers were asking the same kind of questions over and over, so the conversations were highly repetitive.

Smash Park’s General Manager, Kali Brudos, knew they needed an IVR solution.  And they were working with a VoIP provider they trusted. But they needed more than just a modern phone system with advanced features and capabilities.

They needed help thinking strategically about their caller experience — and help designing a IVR call flow that would simultaneously improve their operation efficiency while delighting callers.  Kali wanted to continue building on their success with targeted messaging that featured their online reservations, special events, and to-go orders.

Their phone system was a blank slate — ready to be designed for maximum effectiveness.


When Kali contacted On Hold Company, she was looking for expertise in designing a menu of options that would cut back on the volume of calls they were answering repetitively.  They envisioned an IVR structure that would answer frequently asked questions… and a solution with promotional messages that would drive their business forward.

In early discussions with Kali, the On Hold team drilled down into the top reasons customers call Smash Park to establish a baseline of FAQs that needed to be addressed in the IVR — and in what order, based on call volume.

On Hold’s consultants focused on designing menu options that were simple and easy-to-navigate, yet featured in a way that contributes to revenue growth.  Smash Park’s core branding statements, mottos, slogans and overall persona were incorporated into the IVR design. This included dialogue about the appropriate audio image for Smash Park, such as the voice artist’s age, inflection, emotional energy, and of course, gender.

Then On Hold’s creative team developed multiple renditions of IVR scripting for Kali to review — varying in style from strictly concise to highly creative — giving Smash Park’s management team the ability to select the style that resonated most.  Kali’s team loved the creative flare, especially in their main menu of options and the company directory.

Smash Park also wanted customized voicemail greetings for various menu options, some of which pointed callers to make online reservations for courts and private events — a double win, since reservations could be promoted to every incoming call, but employees were not having to live answer those calls.

And of course, Kali wanted a fantastic line-up of customized on-hold messages, updated seasonally.  The On Hold team enjoyed working on such a creative project.

Once the IVR scripting was produced with the right voice and music elements, the entire package of audio files were approved by Kali — and delivered to their VoIP provided to be implemented promptly.  

And the results?  Here’s Kali response… “It’s been awesome!”


staff workload by reducing the number of calls employees have to answer constantly

operational efficiency by answering FAQ’s in the IVR, which enables staff to be more customer facing

the Smash Park brand with creative messaging and promotional messages that contribute to revenue growth

Solution components

  • Consultation & evaluation of IVR call flow, including the rhythm and type of incoming calls received
  • Strategic Design of menu options to simultaneously answer FAQs and promote revenue drivers in their business
  • Creation of IVR audio package — a wide spectrum of professional greetings and targeted messaging, unique to Smash Park
  • Vocal Persona that fits the Smash Park brand, including the right gender, tone and vocal inflection (combined with energetic music)
  • Coordination with VoIP provider to implement the new IVR audio

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