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Gerald R. Stinnett CPA, P.C. Case Study

Business Challenge Story

When Brenda Stinnett contacted On Hold Company and said that her company’s new telephone system was a nightmare, it could not have been at a worse time for their business.

Stinnett’s firm, Gerald Stinnett Certified Public Accountants, in Suwanee, Georgia, was at the height of the tax season, and customers were frustrated with the company’s new VoIP phone system. Stinnett was stressed over the negative impact on their business.

Like thousands of companies in recent years, Stinnett’s firm switched to VoIP telephone services in order to save money and take advantage of many new features.  But like most who make that decision, they discovered the switch to VoIP can be an unpleasant experience for callers if the menu options aren’t truly customized to the business.

“The phone tree and IVR menu options must be designed to fit the unique needs of each business,” said Timothy Jackson, Vice President of Customer Experience at On Hold Company. “When it’s a negative experience for callers, it’s a negative experience for the business.”

The frustration that Stinnett felt with their new phone system is one shared by thousands of other businesses which make the transition to VoIP.  It’s imperative to customize the IVR for the volume and type of calls you receive before it is launched.

Stinnett needed a professional automated main greeting as well as a general delivery mailbox greeting – with clear articulation of office hours, especially for tax season.


After listening to what Stinnett did not want her customers to experience, Jackson designed a simple yet professional phone tree with options that matched what their callers were needing routinely.

“Following our consultation, we developed a brand new IVR script for Stinnett’s firm.  We actually wrote more than one version to give them multiple choices,” said Jackson.

Once approved, the On Hold team helped Stinnett identify the perfect voice and music selection to create a professional image for the company.   Then, the new IVR audio was produced, approved and uploaded to Stinnett’s phone system.

Stinnett and her company could now focus on preparing taxes and stop worrying about each call that rang in.

“We were able to make a difference for Stinnett’s CPA firm because we understand the principles of what irritates callers — and what delights them” said Jackson. “After diagnosing problems and dead-ends in the IVR, we create a call flow that’s simple and easy to navigate, with the customer’s needs at the forefront of everything we do.”

When the phone menu isn’t designed well, callers get frustrated
quickly.  “But when its structured well and sounds professional,” says Jackson, “they never even think about the phone system.  They just think about doing business with you. And that’s precisely what you want.”  


caller experience, operational efficiency, and professional business image

caller frustration, call handling delays,and stress on the business owner

helpful and relevant information to callers, including FAQ’s that don’t have to be answered by receptionist

Solution components

  • Consultation & evaluation of IVR call flow
  • Redesign of menu options, specific to time of year
  • Creation of new IVR audio greetings — crafted to address business needs and caller inquiries
  • Professional voice, tone and inflection, combined with brand-centered music
  • Coordination with VoIP provider to implement the new IVR audio

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