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Change Your On Hold Message on Clean Off Your Desk Day

You know all of those piles of paper, used coffee cups and scattered paperclips on your desk? Well, it’s time to bring order to the chaos because it’s ‘Clean Off Your Desk Day’. And that includes that sticky note with the coffee stains that reads, ‘change the on hold message.’


Clean Off Your Desk Day is the second Monday in January, and it\’s the perfect time to get organized to meet your goals for the year.

One of the folks here at On Hold Company pointed out that the second Monday in January is annual Clean Off Your Desk Day. I’m sure I got a memo about it at one point. I just can’t seem to find it in this pile …You see where I am going with this? We have pushed through the holiday season, and we have our goals for the new year. Clean Off Your Desk Day is the perfect opportunity to put some organizational muscle behind those goals and lay out a clear path to success. It’s also a great time to change that on hold message from ‘Happy New Year’!

Here are a few tips for celebrating:

  • Square off the piles on your desk.
  • One stack at a time, decide what to do with each piece of paper.
  • Unless you have a good reason to keep it, toss it out.
  • If a document requires an action, contains vital information, you can’t easily get it again somewhere else if you need it, or you are legally required to hang onto it then hang onto it.
    And unless you really enjoy the process and want a big pile to deal with next year:

  • Set aside time each day to clear up the accumulated paper.
  • If it requires an action, finish taking action on it and be done with it.
  • If it needs filed, file it. If it belongs to someone else, return it. If it’s trash, toss it.
  • Don’t let paper linger indefinitely.

Do you have contracts and proposals stacked on your desk that you said you would get to “after the holidays”? It’s time to take action. Looking for your 2012 operational plan? It’s there somewhere. Be sure to file it away when you come across it again. Ah, there it is.

Oh – and that note you made yourself back in June about improving your company’s on hold message? You can take care of that one right away by requesting a free demo. We’ll take care of the rest. Let’s make this the best Clean Off Your Desk Day ever!

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