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Music for Business: The Three R’s of Choosing Music for Your Brand

When choosing music for business to complement your brand you should be as intentional as you are when choosing colors for your corporate logo.

Whether the music is for on hold messaging, a customer waiting room, or a television ad, choosing the perfect music for business can earn your brand respect, represent your brand’s values and goals, and help your marketing touchpoints converge into a powerful marketing engine that produces long-lasting results.

Respect Your Audience

When choosing music for your brand it’s important to respect your target audience by selecting genres and songs that your audience identifies with. Consider such parameters as your audience’s average age, sex and socio-economic background to help you find music to which they relate.

When in doubt, use a survey tool such as Survey Monkey, and ask for suggestions and feedback via social media platforms to test whether or not your music is connecting with your demographic.

Respect your audience’s preferences and you’ll earn respect for your brand.

Represent Your Values and Goals

You also want your music for business to communicate a message that best represents the values and goals of your brand. Regardless of how much your audience appreciates your musical choices, it’s a moot point if the music doesn’t represent your brand’s values and goals.

However, the music should also connect emotionally with your audience so that it works to build a stronger bond between your brand and customers.

Choose music that represents your brand’s values and goals and chances are, that connection will remain strong for years to come.

Relevant to all Touch-points

Once you’ve found that perfect music that respects your audience and represents your brand’s values and goals, you will want to make it relevant to all of your marketing touch-points.

That may mean adapting it for various media, including on hold messaging and music for business. Your goal is to achieve seamless integration throughout all marketing strategies, so that genre, artist and song flow from touch-point to touch-point, relevant with every note.

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