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Web Portals Have Not Replaced Customer Service and On Hold Marketing

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Telephone support should remain an integral part of any company’s customer service efforts, On Hold Company CEO Bryant Wilson said in a recent press release.

The Internet has fundamentally changed the way many of us do business. With social media and online customer service portals, consumers expect 24/7 access to the companies they do business with. On Hold Marketing should be a vital part of every company’s customer service program.

Surveys show that in this socially connected age consumers are more likely to share a negative customer-service experience than a good one. That has prompted many companies to shift valuable resources to monitoring, and in some cases defending, their brands online.

However, On Hold Company CEO Bryant Wilson warns companies not to neglect telephone customer support. In a recent press release, he cites a survey that shows that the telephone is still the most popular and most satisfying way for customers to interact with companies.

“My view is that efforts to shift customer service to social medial and web channels consumes a lot of resources,” says Bryant Wilson, CEO of On Hold Company. “For most companies, improving customer support by telephone should still be their highest priority.”

Wilson cites a Genesys survey shows that the telephone is still the most popular and most satisfying way for customers to interact with companies.

“People still love that personal connection you make on the telephone,” he said. “Whether its across town or across the country, many customers will pick up the phone and call first.”

Often, however, customers are put on hold. And what happens on hold can be the deciding factor in whether or not that customer does business with the client.

Wilson says that on hold marketing can bridge that three-minute wait time and keep callers informed and engaged while they wait for a service representative.

“On hold marketing is essential for good customer service, and improves a company’s overall branding and marketing,” Wilson said. “Not only does it help keep callers on the line, it is the perfect platform for educating callers about your brand.”

You can read the full press release here.

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