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April 21, 2016
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April 21, 2016
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How An Audio Brand Can Give Your Business Its Own Sound

Much like a rancher marks his cattle to show ownership, the term “branding” in marketing refers to the idea that your business can own its image.  If you’ve employed a marketing or advertising firm to promote your business, they’ve probably used this term in preparing your logo, catchphrases, and other elements to acquaint the public with your product or service.  But did you know that your on hold message can also be a part of your company’s audio brand?

Consistency for developing an audio brand is vital.  Make sure your on hold message’s components – the text, voice, and music – are an accurate reflection of your company’s image and consistent with your other marketing, such as radio, television, and print advertising.  For example, if yours is a laid back operation, and you’ve invested in billboards with a humorous slant, a formal and “stuffy” on hold message is not a good fit, and detrimental to your company’s image overall.

Your audio brand is an integral part of your marketing.  Appealing to all the senses of the potential customer, client, or consumer is an essential aspect of advertising, so creating an on hold message that is pleasing to the ear is necessary in the audio branding of your company.  The key question to ask when crafting your on hold audio brand is: how do we want the callers to feel when listening to this message?

At On Hold Company we  have the irons hot and ready to brand your company sound.  Let us help you round up the business.

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