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3 Reasons Why You Need a New Professional Voicemail Greeting Before the Christmas Holidays

Have you planned how to handle the company calls while your office is closed for the upcoming Christmas and New Year’s holiday weekends? If not, be sure to record a professional voicemail greeting before closing the office.

Here are three reasons why you should update your professional voicemail greeting before every holiday:

#1: You Serve Your Customers Better
You really never know when your customers are going to call. Whether it’s after hours, on the weekend or during an extended holiday, when you record professional voice greetings acknowledging the customer’s call and sharing how you can help, even if they can’t talk to a human, they’re more likely to call back.

#2: You Maximize Your Opportunities
There’s no guarantee a customer will call back once they don’t get an answer or are met with a stale, impersonal voice message. But with a professional voicemail greeting that welcomes the caller with appropriate information such as holiday hours; and guides them through a series of options such as leaving a message, referring them to the website or connecting them to a company representative on call, your business is still running while you’re enjoying Christmas dinner or ringing in the New Year.

#3: You May Increase Sales
If your customers are off work they may have more time to make a sales inquiry. You don’t want to miss that. If appropriate for your type of business, be sure to set up your professional voice greeting to refer callers to a FAQ page on your website, a ‘hotline’ message system for emergencies, and even information on how to connect with a company representative on call. Your customers will be impressed. And even if you don’t sell something, you’ve started the process.

No doubt, how you handle calls and professional voicemail greetings during holiday breaks can make all the difference in the way you serve your customers, maximize your opportunities and increase your sales.

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