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April 20, 2016
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April 21, 2016
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When You Use On Hold Marketing It’s Your Time To Shine

"Please Hold"

Hold – A “Good” Four Letter Word

Pressing the hold button is a golden opportunity for your company’s on hold marketing service.

Why? Simply put, it’s your business’s time to shine! These callers targeted you specifically. Maybe they saw an ad you ran in the local paper. Maybe they found you online. Or quite possibly they’re cherished long-time customers who need your help again.

Whatever the case, you have a few precious moments to use on hold marketing to spotlight your brand, your products and your services. It’s your time to strengthen your relationship with the caller, reach out and let them know how you can serve them. It’s your time to answer their questions, alleviate their concerns and let them know you stand ready to serve them.

How you choose to use that time can make the difference between making a positive impression – or a negative one.  That one call could be the difference in moving your company’s bottom line up – or down. That makes it all the more important to take advantage of on hold marketing and communicate strategically.

When you place callers on hold, there’s no better time to use on hold marketing messages to mention that new product or that little-known value-added service you’ve always offered. Give them information they might otherwise never see or hear. Let them know how they can take advantage of your latest special offer.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to promoting your latest special offers with on hold marketing! You have their attention already. Using this time truly is the best way to ensure your return on investment.

Whether you need to increase your sales, retool your company’s image or simply to maintain happy customers, the professionals at On Hold Company can create campaigns that deliver results that are – in a word – undeniable.

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